Code of Ethics

Saskatchewan Bed and Breakfast Association

Code of Ethics

SBBA Code of Ethics for Members

As members of SBBA, we agree to the following:

1. As a member of SBBA, I will operate with integrity and honesty, providing guests with courteous, genuine hospitality and a unique  accommodation experience.

2. I will abide by the rules and standards of SBBA

3. I will maintain the SBBA accreditation standards during the years between accreditation visits

4. I will communicate with the SBBA Board or staff whenever there are significant beefs or bouquets to pass on

5. I will fulfill all federal, provincial and local government requirements and hold all necessary licenses and permits pertaining to the operation of a  B&B in my area.

6. I will carry a minimum of $1m public liability insurance, suitably endorsed to cover paying guests.

7. I will offer high quality services and facilities to my guests, specifically a comfortable and attractive bedroom and a wholesome and nutritious  breakfast.

8. I will attempt to operate my facility in an environmentally-friendly manner, and I will encourage my guests to practice conservation and good  stewardship of resources

9. I will be reasonably available and /or contactable by guests at all times and provide emergency contacts.

10. I will ensure that all advertising and promotional material accurately describes my establishment.

11. I will co-operate with and support other members of SBBA, including referring guests to other SBBA members whenever possible.

12. If in the future I cease to be a member of SBBA, I will cease to use the Black Rooster and all other signs of membership in SBBA on my brochures, web-sites and other signage.


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