Top Three B&Bs


Our guests have highlighted the top-rated Bed and Breakfasts in Saskatchewan.

Each year, our guests provide feedback about their B&B experiences through comment cards which are sent to us at the Saskatchewan Bed and Breakfast Association.  Based on that feedback, we have created a list of the Top Bed and Breakfasts in Saskatchewan; the ones that best exemplify the qualities of exceptional service, facilities and hosting.

Based on feedback and comments from guests in 2022, these are the 2023 Top Three Bed and Breakfasts in Saskatchewan.

#1 is Fir River Ranch near Hudson Bay – Audrey Stauber (306) 865-3105

#2 is Sunset Escape near Spiritwood – Lorna and Gary Strate  (306) 883-2869

# 3 is Roadside Retreat near Turtle Lake – Nancy and Jim Range (306) 845-2985

Please remember that all members of the Association have been inspected by the Association and have met their quality assurance standards so they are all excellent, but the ones on the Top Three list are B&Bs where all of  the guests have provided feedback, saying that that B&B has far exceeded their expectations for cleanliness, hospitality, amenities and breakfast quality.

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